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Employee Health & Wellness Package

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I have worked across Europe, Russia and the US presenting and lecturing at some of the most prestigious conventions, including Loughborough University. Voted Best UK Fitness Presenter Award I have designed and presented four No.1 Celebrity Fitness DVDs plus a No.1 Health and Fitness Book. I have been running my online IN10SITY plan for over 8 years with members from all over the world improving their lifestyles and enhancing their performance at work.  This includes men and women aged 18 - 65+ from beginners to athletes.

My Corporate Health and Wellness Package is designed to improve each employees’ lifestyle, performance and mental health through exercise, nutrition, and good habits. This can be as simple as making better choices or a total lifestyle change.

Wellbeing within business can be challenging, especially large businesses with busy employees located between home and the office both nationally and internationally. With most businesses sedentary, fitness and mental health are now major risk factors. IN10SITY has been proven to reduce these risks and inspire individuals to make informed and healthier choices to their lifestyles. I am always looking for new businesses to work alongside having worked with large companies like Virgin and City Councils.

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Many Occupational Health providers are urging businesses to reduce these risk factors and the health age of employees. IN10SITY has shown to be highly effective in meeting these objectives.   This not only reduces absentees and improves performance and productivity at work saving £1000s, but can reduce your employee insurance premiums.

These risks fall into the following two categories:

  • Disease - Cardiovascular, BMI & Blood Pressure.

  • Lifestyle - Cholesterol, Stress, Diet, Mental Health & Alcohol.

With the use of safe effective exercise and nutrition together with mental health strategies these risks can be vastly reduced using my Corporate Health and Wellness package.


What is IN10SITY?

This is my online health and fitness program.  IN10SITY has evolved within my business for over 15 years and has been successfully online globally for over 8 years with amazing results for

  • Weight loss/management

  • Fitness

  • Improved mental health

  • Performance at work

  • Lifestyle

  • Addressing conditions such as obesity, PCOS, MS, fibromyalgia and diabetes. 

With workouts from only 10 minutes and good wholesome foods you can buy at any supermarket and easy to cook and prepare, I have eliminated as many excuses as possible.

Employees will have a private customised sign-up page and each employee will receive a personal login code to access their member account.  Once logged in they can chat to other members online, earn reward badges and will have full access to the MemberZone which includes all the following:

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram
  • 100s online real-time/twin cam workouts & Masterclasses

    • Beginners’ sections, warmups and stretches and over 150 of my exclusive 10 Minute IN10SITY workouts.  All online and on demand, meaning these can be done anywhere anytime as long as you have wi-fi.

    •  40+ live classes every month, plus over 300 on demand classes. These classes are 15-55minute long and can be watched via Zoom and/or Facebook.

  • Back Rehab Section

    • Strengthen and mobilise the back, improve posture and reduce pain and tension

  • Challenges

    • Weekly & 14 Day Lifestyle and Fitness Challenges

  • 8 Nutrition Meal Plans

    • Designed for all lifestyles including reset and maintenance plans

    • 4, 10, 14 and 30 Day Plans including 100s of food options

  • 4 Recipe Books

    • Breakfast, Lunch, Evening meals, snacks & desserts (inc.Vegan)

  • Mental Health Section

    • Awareness, CBT, triggers, coping techniques and goal setting

  • Bonus Section

    • Lose the booze, hormonal balance, healthy eating & many more

  • Large Support Group

    • Motivation and Q & A with like-minded members


These can be made in 3 ways:


  • Employer Contribution

  • Employee Contribution

  • Employer/Employee 50/50 Split Contribution

The cost to the general public is £295 per annum. For corporate clients with 500-10,000 employees this can be as low as £2.40 per employee per annum on a 4 year deal (1-4 year deals available).  With a set rate for businesses with 10,000+ employees, making it a very cost effective opportunity.

Optional Extras:

  • Lectures and Seminars

    • Nutrition – basics

    • Nutrition – advanced

    • Fat – what is it and how do we use it and lose it?

    • Exercise & Fitness

    • Mental Health & Mindset

    • General lecture on all the above

Lectures start from £500 +VAT

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me usimhg the details below or use the live chat.


+44 7946 272 780

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