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Money Back Guarentee

I really want you to do well, but if my Kick Start plan fail then why should you pay for it. So if you do not see any changes in the mirror or on the scales after 10 days I will issue a full refund. Thsi only applies to the 10 Day Kick Start Plan with the following conditions:

1. Follow the plan 100%

2. Keep your shopping receipts as proof of purchase

3. Take before & after photos

4. Weigh yourself before & after

5. Like each workout as you go so I can see you have completed them

6. Your account must have logged in twice a day every day for the workouts.

Basically just follow the plan and if you do not see results I will personally refund you.

As of 2023 I have never had to refund anyone, I hope to continue, but will stand by my word.  The least anyone has lost was 4lbs, however they were a regular class member for many years and only wanted to tone up, they were surprised when they even lost 4lbs!

Good luck and I am here whenever you need me,


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