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Resistance Bands & Disc Training Sets & Workouts

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For a limited time only I am giving away FREE 10SION sets with selective plans and 25-50% off with other plans.  Each set includes x1 long/narrow  104cm band, x1 short/wide 38cm band (both with a grip backing), x2 slider discs plus a storage bag. Once you purchase a plan contact me for you discount code. Anyone can buy the 10SION Sets simply click the button below to go to my shop.


10SION Workouts are flexible sessions that can be performed at home, the gym, the office or on holiday - targeting specific body parts and/or full body.


My 10SION sets includes 2 hard wearing washable fabric bands - a 38cm short/wide band, a 104cm long/narrow band plus x2 double sided discs which all fit inside the mesh storage bag. Easy to take to the gym or store at home. 


The workouts are all online so you can do them anywhere anytime and come with beginner - advanced workout plans.

10SION workouts are all 10-55 mins so you can do 1 or mix and match.

I have also designed some 'SWEAT FREE' office/seated workouts to do at work/home including some stretch and release sessions for your back, core and posture.

Burn fat, strengthen your body, improve posture and flexibility - look and feel great!

Suitable for men & women, beginners - advanced.

All 10SION workouts are included in my LIFESTYLE plan.

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