Caroline Hills - Yet another amazing IN10SITY 10 Detox I lost 8lbs 3" from waist, 2" from hips, 1" from bust, 1/2" off arm, leg and calf. Since my first detox in November last year and this new one I have lost 39lbs (2st 11lbs) and I have maintained it for 3 months. This has been the best weight loss program for rehabilitating my mind and body - believe me I have done every diet and never maintained it for this long thank you.

Donna Shiels - Eeee I'm so excited I've lost 9.5lbs, 2.5" off my chest, 2" off my waist and 2" off my hips. I can't believe the weight has come off. I'm trying on clothes I haven't been able to wear for ages it's amazing. Could you let me know about your maintaining programme because I really want to try and keep this off. Thank you so much.

Jillian Potts - In just 10 days I have lost 8lbs but not only that I feel so much more toned and less wobbly lol. I have dropped a dress size and now much closer to my goal weight then I was 10 days ago. I still have a long way to go but I know have more confidence that I can get there.

Lynn Peel - Having been to David's FitCamps I didn't think 10 mins exercise twice a day would do any good and wouldn't be very difficult - how wrong I was!! Yes the exercises are tough but it's only ten minutes. The nutrition is great and you’re given choices to mix n match. By midway, you’re flying. Having lost 11lbs and 12cms the results speak for themselves. I will definitely be doing this again. Tips: find a nice tasting green tea and protein powder!

James Pattison - When I started this I thought, here we go, I've done these before, I'll be craving, climbing the walls and it will be another crash diet, how wrong I was, it's the simplest, easiest program I've ever followed, the food is really good, well balanced and nice! The videos are varied and professionally done, I've told everybody I can about this, it's the best I've ever done - if you want to lose weight and have a little dedication give this a try, it's as simple as that!

Amanda Ross - Finished my 10 day IN10SITY workout and nutrition programme..I have lost 6.5lb and 5.5inches..the meals are delicious and workouts fantastic...this is the 2nd time I have done IN10SITY...defo won't be my last!..A huge thank you to David Souter for introducing me to his awesome programme.